Art Märked Podcast 046 753

Märked Podcast 046 753

753 was formed in Barcelona, the place where they carry out their passion as techno producers and audiovisual artists. Yet, what you don’t see often is that 753 rather is a team formed by the two producers that you see in the picture, alongside a design team and management team.

Where the name 753 comes from is no secret; it was an 11th-century samurai code of honor that inspired an entire nation to fight for its ideals. It is said the code lives on in this world of constant change, through discipline, honor, and loyalty.

753 are also no stranger to Märked, because previously – together with Vendex – they teamed up for Vendex & 753 – BDSM in Surge Of Power III Album. Now, in these 60 minutes 753 do what they do best; showcasing the gritty grooves and the up-tempo.