Surge Of Power Artwork

Various Artists – Surge Of Power III Album

1. LCYDMND – Cruising On My Nimbus
2. Johannes Schuster – Suck Jesus
3. KLAMER – Disphoria Control
4. Romain Vincent – Breaking Barriers
5. Joshua Naughton – Ethereal Beauty
6. Ømen – Pointless
7. Onelas – Rave Now
8. E.L.I.A.S. – The Energy Of Dispair
9. Violent – Hoax
10. NHM – Towards The Quagmire
11. Roni Rix – Half Ally
12. Vendex & 753 – BDSM

We are super excited to present to you this eclectic album filled with sparkling talent, varying from lighter melodic techno to physical techno surprises.

Starting off with a magical cruise on Harry Potter’s air travelling device. LCYDMND is someone who hasn’t passed our radar earlier, but this certainly locks us in. A dreamy synth and minimal drums seem an effective combo.

Johannes Schuster on board with a driving, yet mystical track, grinding forward with short arppeggiated synth hits cleverly placed onto the beat,

KLAMER – Dysphoria Control is the soundtrack to an early sunrise coming up, where the first sun flashes through a window, reflecting a slight misty, pure blue sky. Unlike real dysphoria, this is what we crave for in a post-epidemic world.

If there was anything Romain Vincent‘s track Breaking Barriers reminds us of, it would be the slighest hint of a sound coming from Kobosil’s R-Label. Physical, punishing warehouse techno.

Another new name to the label is Ømen, bringing the raw and melodic techno vibes from the UK. The catchy melody is good to stick in your head for hours, reminiscing of the refreshingly great dynamic of the party.

Ethereal Beauty by Joshua Naughton is an exceptional bloops and bleeps track with an atmosphere hinting to the Scandinavian sound, but the kick and boldness is what we hear more in West European countries.

Onelas‘ Rave Now is throwing it over a different angle, pushing hiphop lyrics and happy house stabs. But it wouldn’t be on Märked if it wasn’t for the kick and the obscure synth on the turn.

E.L.I.A.S.‘ premiere on Märked has it all; refreshing sounds, hypnotic background spheres, packing a short breakbeat in the first part. Further develops into a surprising catchy and big melody.

Violent never disappoints. In Hoax he sets another standard for the kind of techno that makes you go physical. Pure audiophile food for the body, like a stomping freight train without the brakes.

Rounding off, NHM brings the boldness. Churning bass underneath hasty percussion and fast synths. Here comes the storm, as the vocals talk you into battle.

Rock’n roll techno from Roni Rix. Contagious hits of perc on the left and right, tuning in into an amped guitar sound. An overdriven – yet cleverly soothing – synth rhythm in the break, running into rhythmic drum solos.

The kick hits hard in the finishing track by Vendex & 753, who weave together aggression while triggering a sentimental note. Proper closing down – we’ll be back soon.