Märked Podcast 044 ANDROM

Märked Podcast 044 ANDROM

Märked Podcast 044 ANDROM

Unlike some artists who sat on their tracks in COVID-times, ANDROM had been making some waves in the past year. You may know ANDROM from his My Distorted Fantasy EP a few months back, together with Ayarcana, Plukkk and Kaylah.

ANDROM’s musical presence online started when he featured on Otomo, Obscuur’s sister label. A memorable EP on Kracht’s label Krachtvoer followed shortly, whereafter we introduced his Märked EP. Not so quiet in the last half-year, ultimately forming the shape and identity of his sound.

You hear ANDROM’s music has influences of heavy metal, oftentimes co-shaped by electric guitars. Similar types of techno from the likes of Ghost In The Machine and Manni Dee have recognized and supported his tracks.

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