ANDROM My Distorted Fantasy EP Artwork

ANDROM – My Distorted Fantasy EP (Ft. Ayarcana, Plukkk, Kaylah)

  1. ANDROM – Unbelieve In Me
  2. ANDROM – Infected
  3. ANDROM – Going Life
  4. ANDROM – Infected (Ayarcana Remix)
  5. ANDROM – Unbelieve In Me (Plukkk Remix)
  6. ANDROM – Unbelieve In Me (Kaylah Remix)

Upon the arrival of the original tracks in the inbox of Märked, I was immediately intrigued by the sound of ANDROM. The characteristic overdriven electric guitar sound catches your attention by the minute and blends especially well with techno, which we have previously only seen UVB do properly – until now.

ANDROM’s Märked debut with My Distorted Fantasy is a refreshing one. Together with 3 men strong (Ayarcana, Plukkk, and Kaylah) for the remixes, he sets the tone right to bring attention to our 30 releases since 2016. It also wasn’t a surprise finding out he’d studied at the Conservatorium in Amsterdam.

Iconic synth riffs in the opening track ‘Unbelieve In Me’ where the kick punches through like a knife through butter, charged with guitar slams on the 4’s. Further elaborating on the rock ‘n roll spirit with Infected, punching, and marching forward with more flying percussive objects in Going Life.

Ever heard an angry steel bending factory produce a rhythm? Ayarcana stretches the boundaries of aggression-relief in a heavy 2-step remix. After being away for a while, we welcome Plukkk to Märked with a mysterious and striking techno storyline. Kaylah brings fiercely high energy to the table at a pace that’s recognizable for this era of techno with a rework of the addictive main hook in ‘Unbelieve In Me’.