Märked Podcast 028 d_b [Déformation Booleénne]

Märked Podcast 027 d_b [Déformation Booleénne]

Märked Podcast 028 d_b [Déformation Booleénne]

d_b doesn’t like to be recognized with a face – it’s solely left to the imagination of the receiver. It doesn’t matter, because techno and underground dance music was meant to be a statue of function over form since the beginning of times.

Our Amsterdam-based Märked podcast department is quickly gaining French territory, seen as also 2 previous ones were from there; podcast 27 by  and podcast 26 by Monsieur Nobody.

Furthermore, d_b’s set is characterized by a common thread of contagious grooves and drive. It is something the French have been doing very well over the past years. Now, during these times of corona-confinement we must not forget to make most out of every minute. Here’s 80 minutes of electrifying and blistering techno by d_b.

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