Märked Podcast 027 YÅ

Märked Podcast 027 YÅ

Märked Podcast 027 YÅ

A style recognized by an overall speed which is among the highest in techno. YÅ from Paris stretches this outer boundary and combines it with a variety of different aspects of electronic. In his latest EP on Pulse ‘Cycle Of The Mental Machine’ you hear influences of hard trance and hardstyle from before 2002. 

After browsing the internet some more, Pulse actually seems to be under his own belt. Also being the head of Mainmise Records shows that he is a busy guy doing all stuff music-related for the French techno scene. It confirms that France is an amazing country for this music, once again.

If you are wondering if YÅ ever featured on Märked, the answer is yes. In Surge Of Power II you find his track among 15 other great artists.

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