Various Artists - Surge Of Power II

Christmas has come early. Out with a bang, with arguably one of the best projects we ever put our hands on. Märked presents a 16-tracker album with some of underground techno’s most interesting and promising talents in current times. In this compilation you find a mix of artists who are more on the surface and some who are less, but all evenly contributing to an amazing program of diversity.



1. Amstra – Komorebi

2. Brecc – Worst Enemy

3. CYNKT – Maximum Of Potential

4. Exilles – Modul B14

5. Kander – [Insert Emotional Meaning Here]

6. Metapattern – Time

7. Pier – Zest

8. Reveillon – The Things You Do

9. Sleeps Everywhere – Subject To Corruption

10. Torgue – Summer Requiem (Ft. Anna Mikhailova)

11. Umbraid – Lost In Passion

12. Unart8 – RAL 9017

13. VINYA – Dagra

14. YÅ – Lost In The Jungle With 20Kw

15. Zimo – The Dream Is A Lie

16. Znzl – The Missing Channel

Surge Of Power II Artwork

Handed in alphabetical order: new to the label is Amstra who starts off with a majestic synth sound and big kick-basses. Second in: Brecc doing what he does best by leading the track with distortion-loaded kicks and impactful rave synths. In CYNKT’s track you hear a contagious voice on the rhythm of the synth, beautifully packaged with piano’s and a pad. Both power and melancholy in Exilles’ Modul B14 with crispy doomsday synth stabs powered by delays for depth.


Also new is Kander, who chase the melancholic style too with an emotional fast-paced anthem infused with classic piano play. Metapattern goes into next gear in hypnotizing mode providing a churning bass-line and metallic squeeking. Pier is back on the label with less melodies like we are used to, but more straight-forward techno pounding. Our 18th release also sees Reveillon on the label who seek a balance between dub elements and a more classic old school approach to techno.


Going into to the obscure corner with Sleeps Everywhere , who brings a chaotic pumping track to the table with intense breakbeats weaved in. The addition of Anna Mikhailova to a Torgue track seems a seamlessly add-on to a techno performance for the absolute late (or very early) hours. Furthermore, a piece of art by Umbraid – Lost In Passion is full with emotion and speaks out loud the track’s title. Then RAL 9017 by Unart8 is a piece of dark techno you would encounter in one of Berlin’s nightclubs resulting in the whole building in combat mode.


VINYA’s Dagra will turn a dance floor upside down while churning synth lines build up the floor to maximum pressure mode. YÅ introduces a fat reversed bass reminiscing to the early hardstyle times of the beginning of the century, infused with big trance synths. Zimo – hailing from Hong-Kong – who is undoubtedly one of the lesser known artists on the line-up, but who’s track certainly is among one of the best. An upcoming all time classic with a melody that makes you reminisce to those special moments on dance floors. Close the album with a massive stomper by Znzl, who has mastered the art of weaving obscure sounds in with disruptive techno to break low energy moments.


13 January 2020


Joe Farr Mastering


Dewi Gagliardi

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