YÅ Age Of Creation Artwork

YÅ – Age Of Creation EP (Ft. Falhaber & Brecc)

  1. YÅ – Strike Again
  2. YÅ – Age Of Creation
  3. YÅ – Dystopia
  4. YÅ – Strike Again (Falhaber Remix)
  5. YÅ – Dystopia (Brecc Remix)

Time repeats itself, constantly. The revival of the heydays of early hardstyle and trance-infused hard electronic is here: Age Of Creation. Usually, YÅ doesn’t hold back, and also now is not the time to; the overall BPM of the full EP is well above the label’s average and 5 tracks are equipped to examine speakers’ full ranges.

In Strike Again, Yanis (YÅ) is working the kick and reversed bass effect through rap lyrics and zesty synth lines. The Age Of Creation’s EP title track wears the same kick and bass and several classic hardcore samples fill in the gaps. Also here the synths breathe a little bit of that nostalgic Thunderdome spirit.

The screeches in Dystopia launch you knee-deep into the stratosphere, to get stuck in a nostalgic loop of arped synth-power and hard percussion.

The elements in Falhaber’s remix have more time to puff in a less fast-paced, but evenly effective dancefloor smasher. Watch how the break works into a drop with a dose of what could be good ‘ol Theracords spice.

Blow off some steam with Brecc, firing up the muscles with syncopated screech fillers and a driving as ever arpeggiated electrifying groove.