WBR – Wild Thoughts EP (Ft. Verschwender & SDB)

1. WBR – Progressivity
2. WBR – A New Life
3. WBR – Wild Thoughts
4. WBR – A New Life (Verschwender Remix)
5. WBR – Wild Thoughts (SDB Remix)

WBR is a fresh blow in the scene. Melodic tough techno, to empower even the darkest of days.
Hopeful dance music that makes you think it will all be okay.

Progressivity has something of that, progressing into something better. With a touch of trance, but in a retro jacket. Not like how trance is used in most techno tracks nowadays.

Deceivingly tough kickbass punching you into A New Life. What WBR does really well is the build-up, sneaking into a compact kick and short stab ‘n short delay beat, evolving and building up to a bigger
mystical synth-guided composition.

Another bass roller track in Wild Thoughts. It’s the fastest of the five. Happy synths and strings working up to super tight and ruff violin synth-play.
Verschwender’s first timer on the label with a big bomb of organic- and eerie sounding percussion.

High in pace in the groove department. SDB does what he does best; big groove, high drive and high tension. Funnily enough the original Wild Thoughts has elements that reminisce of some older SDB tracks.


3 November 2020

Audio Mastering

JoeFarr Mastering


Thomas Créac'h