Vendex Chalice Of Desolation Artwork

Vendex – Chalice Of Desolation EP

01. Vendex – Resurrection Of Hell
02. Vendex – Tzimisce
03. Vendex – Infernal Machine
04. Vendex – Chalice Of Desolation

Masculine, forceful and heavy as a freight train. A description of a sound that fits the artist that has spent a lifetime perfecting it. The ‘Cloak Of Darkness’ Vendex lands on Märked with 4 haunting tracks that define his unique sound of the underworld.

The EP starts off with Resurrection Of Hell, a driving track with an ominous synth preparing you for the violence to come. Despite its driving and intense atmosphere, the track manages to maintain a sense of calm that you will understand when compared to the rest of the EP.

Get ready to be completely entranced by Vendex’s trademark sound in Tzimisce, where evil synths and melodies reign supreme, accompanied by overdriven screams and heart-pounding kicks that hit like bombs.

Men-like chanting, on overdrive. Inducing a feeling of tribe and togetherness is strengthened by the hypnotic repetition of the enchanting 4×4 beat in Infernal Machine.

EP-title track Chalice Of Desolation leaves you drowning in a sea of sound. Pulling you into despair and hopelessness that is both captivating and unsettling. The track sets the tone for a dark and foreboding atmosphere where Vendex thrives best. A suitable track for peak-time destruction in the later hours, for a guaranteed overwhelming full-body experience.