Märked Surge Of Power IV Album Artwork

Various Artists – Surge Of Power IV Album

01. TWO THREE – Construct Consciousness
02. Luca Van Oss – Ancient Dreams
03. Ika Sile – Expansion (Mastering Credits: Die Manufaktur / Ferdinger)
04. GFX – Ancient Civilisation
05. Elliot – Lie For Me
06. Tidewarp – Regnantem Rhythm
07. Maik Helm – My Concrete Kingdom
08. BZTN – Dancing In The Darkness
09. Anoy – Rage Of The Fallen
10. The Blackmailer – Dark Before Light
11. SZG – Make Us Go Crazy

The VA kicks off with TWO THREE’s ‘Construct Consciousness’ featuring a progressive introduction of hard-hitting kicks blended with delicate atmospheres and dreamy tones, resulting in an all-encompassing auditory experience. The addition of sharp percussion adds momentum to the track, propelling it forward.

Luca Van Oss’ latest track ‘Ancient Dreams’ is a standout example of the producer’s expertise in creating emotive techno. Soft and emotional pads are masterfully intertwined with a distorted synthesizer sound, building to an intense and powerful crescendo.

Ika Sile delivers an electrifying and intense experience with ‘Expansion’. The up-tight acid is relentless and pushes the boundaries with its sharp, percussive hits that cling like metal. The addition of soaring vocals adds another dimension to the already charged atmosphere, giving the track a raw and driving edge.

GFX’s ‘Ancient Civilisation’ is a pulsing and dynamic track. The churning and forward-driving bassline is paired with energizing percussion hits on the kick, creating a lively and invigorating sound. The hypnotic tribal perc groove introduced after the break adds a rhythmic energy to the track, intensifying the overall experience.

In Elliot’s ‘Lie For Me’ a dynamic blend of bleeps and bloops is fused with persistent, pounding drums to create a high-tension atmosphere. The mysterious vocal samples add a layer of intrigue and roughness.

‘Regnantem Rhythm’ by Tidewarp is a captivating techno track that blends diverse musical elements to create an electrifying piece. The track builds on tribal and church choir-like female vocals, adding an unexpected and unique layer, while classic techno elements are present in the acid sound.

Maik Helm’s ‘My Concrete Kingdom’ is an exceptional techno track that features an industrial character throughout. The track’s opening sets a mysterious tone, leading into a skillfully crafted industrial percussion section. Heavy machinery sounds add an authentic and gritty touch, giving you a sonic tour of industrial wastelands.

‘BZTN’s ‘Dancing In The Darkness’ is a well-balanced techno track that features simple yet contagious synth and percussion rhythms, a dimensional pad, and a vocal sample that adds depth to the production. The gritty grinding hats create a textural contrast to the thumping kick, making a dynamic and powerful sound.

With a relatively high BPM, the simple yet catchy two-note heavy synth of Anoy’s ‘Rage Of The Fallen’ creates an instantly recognizable hook. The tension builds with a dark FX vocal in the break, adding to the haunting atmosphere.

In ‘Dark Before Light,’ The Blackmailer delivers an intense techno track that gradually builds upon raw kicks to an escalation of acid hits that punctuate the 8th note. From the first beat, the listener is transported to a dark, ominous world that sets the tone. The addition of synth screeches during the track’s body adds a raw, energetic industrial character.

SZG’s latest release ‘Make Us Go Crazy’ is a track that effortlessly blends the high-energy pace of techno with nostalgic elements of old-school house music. The contagious synth line draws you in with its familiar yet fresh sound, while the female vocal adds a touch of vintage house to the mix. The dreamy synth that makes its debut around the middle of the track provides a beautiful contrast to the upbeat energy of the rest of the track.