Torgue – Colorless EP

01. Torgue – Prawns And Kings
02. Torgue – Colorless
03. Torgue – Welcome Back
04. Torgue – Voidwalker

After 4 years of silence, we welcome back Torgue with a powerful and vibrant four-track release. Presenting a concept that gets more relevant with each passing day, Colorless EP is an anthem to regain color and strength to start seeing things bright again.

Starting with Prawn And Kings, it reminisces of a narrative that feels both optimistic and tinged with nostalgia, yet melancholic. The kick hits with certainty, while the lead synth dances in a symbiosis where tough meets emotion.

Colorless leads with an iconic synth stretching across the stereo canvas, meticulously driven forward by gritty percussion. Use this track in sets to create drive, but aim to transition to an elevated state with more emotion and, metaphorically, more color.

Not many manage, but in Welcome Back Torgue perfects the craft of bringing funk and groove back to industrial-infused techno. A contagious bass synth sits in the back, enriched with cleverly placed robots and lasers making the dancefloor a playground of cybernetic funk.

Closing off with the rhythmic drum finale at a high pace with Voidwalker. The vibe is late morning hours, sweat and tribal rhythms.