Cover MRKD009 - Torgue - Barong EP

Torgue – Barong EP (Ft. Ayarcana & Incident Prism)

Three storylines make a whole. The foundation of Barong EP was born in Indonesia, where Torgue travelled and fell in love with the land and her culture. Being an admirer of mythology, he there decided to let three tracks interact with each other, through name and meaning. The battle between good and evil – Barong and Rangda – is expressed in The Holy Dance to represent the eternal battle between good and evil.

It’s no Torgue track if there’s no big thumping kick in there. In Barong the stereo field is filled with metal squeaking and grinding, gradually working the tension upwards through a sinister string. Pressure is released when all molts together with a tribalesque pad, unfolding true beauty of obscurity.
Second is the soundtrack of Indonesian martial arts practitioners fighting off Rangda’s black magic. As it progresses, slowly but surely the big arena pad and organ’s emotions will open up and reveal a sense of triumph.
The Holy Dance kicks things into gear for a proper midnight rinse out. Hells bells and tingles to send any warehouse into orbit.
A furious Balinese god on steroids is a result of Torgue’s samples in Ayarcana his hands. The track’s character builds on an overdriven and warped voice-like scream and works its way through like an apocalyptic locomotive only Ayarcana can do.
Brussels-based Incident Prism presses his crisp and clean signature on Barong. Stealthy and meaty remix drenched in a vat full of dark energy.

1. Barong
2. Rangda
3. The Holy Dance
4. Barong (Ayarcana Remix)
5. Barong (Incident Prism Remix)

Release: 29-10-2018
Artwork: Anton Abrahamsson
Mastering: MA Spaventi