Artwork for As Above So Below EP by Torgue

Torgue – As Above So Below EP (Ft. CORROID & Ben Techy)

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As Above So Below EP

With remixes by CORROID & Ben Techy

Artwork for As Above So Below EP by Torgue

Torgue's signature sound back on Märked

Over a time span of almost 2 years where Märked grew as a label, as well has Torgue. He now returns to Märked for his third addition to the label with his signature sound of polished bleeps, screeches and intelligently crafted cinematic sceneries. Holding on to the aforementioned, Balance is exactly an example that identifies Torgue as a producer who had created his own trademark.

Putting sound systems' mid ranges to the test

Invictus really hits with its big thumping kick. High-pitched metallic bleeps are arranged in a dreamy and fast hypnotic groove, while still putting sound  systems’ mid ranges to the test. When it drops after the break the track takes off on a dive flight alternating the earlier-mentioned bleeps with lower notes of arpeggiated synthesizer play.

Escape From Wonderland lives up to its name, but we like to say travel into wonderland as the track has a really dreamy and mellow vibe to it. The acid component leaves you hypnotized while the ever forward-driving percussion and low-mid bass parts keeps the trip at full speed. A future closing-track classic is born.

Full-blown live weapons and rolling basses by Ben Techy and CORROID

Ben Techy hasn’t appeared on the label for quite a while, but with this remix his presence will be heard significantly. From a dreamy original track which is also pretty tough, Techy takes it up a notch and molds Invictus into a full-blown live weapon.

Sandpaper scratching and voice-like humming adds more fire to the stove in this remix of Invictus. CORROID gives new definition to ‘scary techno’ by creating an atmosphere that could easily serve as a background sound in a horror game scene. 

Artwork for As Above So Below EP by Torgue


30 September 2019


JoeFarr Mastering


Anton Abrahamsson

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