MRKD006 - Torgue - A Night At The Opera EP (Ft. Ghost In The Machine & Schuw)

Torgue – A Night At The Opera EP (Ft. Ghost In The Machine & Schuw)

Sixth installment on Märked signed by Torgue; 5 club-oriented pieces with each track representing a different kind of energy. Torgue opens the EP with Imperium jumping straight on a solid 4×4, introducing new pressure-building elements at high pace. A vocalised synth slab outlines a masculine vibe for tough techno while it’s soothing pad creates a serene balance between hard kicks and straight-forward percussion. EP title track A Night At The Opera lets loose feelings of trance with a nostalgic touch. Backboned by a thumping kick and obscure elements on the grid, the dashing piano play controls the dance. Then Hell Await’s haunting synths will want to make you feel weird and uncomfortable as you will be guided through a battlefield of unidentifiable voices and screeches. Fourth are Perc Trax signees Ghost In The Machine in for the kill in their take on ANATO. Powerhouses GITM execute techno for big venues very well as the track rolls as smooth as a former-raw diamond being polished on the way through the break, before seamlessly continuing its path of intimidating controlled pressure. Last is Schuw introducing a breakbeat where the pad synth smoothly blends in and guides us towards a small break before a high powered turn slaps the listener in the face – strong and complex rhythm not for the weak-hearted.

1. Imperium
2. A Night At The Opera
3. Hell Awaits
4. A Night At The Opera (Ghost In The Machine Remix)
5. A Night At The Opera (Schuw Remix)

Release: 25-01-2018
Artwork: AVHK
Track 1, 2, 3 and 5 mastered by Kolkoz Mastering
Track 4 mastered by Ghost In The Machine