Artwork SZG - Afternoon Before Storm

SZG – Afternoon Before Storm EP (Ft. Illiyah Korniyenko & Arman John)

1. SZG – Upside Healing
2. SZG – Something Holding On To Nothing
3. SZG – Afternoon Before Storm
4. SZG – Afternoon Before Storm (Illiya Korniyenko Remix)
5. SZG – Upside Healing (Arman John Remix)

Only new and very promising names on this exciting 5-tracker EP. Afternoon Before Storm was written and produced by SZG (Caio Pires), who is a rising talent from São Paulo, Brazil. Remixes nailed by Illiya Korniyenko and Arman John.

Starting with Upside Healing, get dragged away with ease in this melancholic techno anthem. The percussive backbone keeps you in check with reality, while the pad invites you to deep lows and pristine highs.

The vibe in Something Holdin On To Nothing breathes a careful exploration of new territory, albeit with confidence. Like the very first few months in a blooming relationship. A dreamy vibe with filtered steel and tangy synth elements cradle the track smoothly.

Next, hopeful techno with a muscular punch. Afternoon Before Storm gets the adrenaline flowing at a high pace. This track has a strong going-into-battle sentiment, which makes a great tool to lift the dance floor into the next gear.

Illiya Korniyenko brings his signature machine sound to a remix of Afternoon Before Storm. This machine is a non-tamed, non-oiled, runaway freight train marching at full speed.

If you like it faster, Upside Healing will come to life for you in Arman John‘s remix, not only as a faster track but with more brightness in the pads. The melancholic theme is there, but a layer of aspiration, desire and more speed unfolds a more punching and glowing concept.