MRKD002 Surge Of Power EP (Another Alias, AIROD, MOTH, Sensive, LNA)

Surge Of Power EP (Another Alias, AIROD, MOTH, Sensive, LNA)

5-tracker EP made of diverse sharp-edged techno building up to intense industrial depth.

Another Alias serves the warm-up with a soothing yet disturbing synth that drags you into what sounds like a rock in a washing machine kind of situation, while bright percussion and heavy kickdrums keep balance not to get too lost. Sixth sense exploring at a high pace with AIROD. Old school closing material brought to new life, presenting a dirty dusty vibe, metal and acid-tinged fireworks plus a characteristic vocal. Thyatira; percussion-driven floor whiper by french determined duo MOTH. Unusual dark groove accompanied by loaded harmonies. Sensive’s Deus Ex Machina, of which the track title seems to refer to a musical plot twist from the break on. Industrial techno stomper lead to higher spheres by guidance of a resonating alarm. Last but not least newcomer LNA’s Elemijn; relentless mechanical breakbeat work-out, bad man rhythm from hell’s oven.

A1. Another Alias – Six Metre Spine
A2. AIROD – The Ganzfeld Procedure
B1. MOTH – Thyatira
B2. Sensive – Deus Ex Machina
B3. LNA – Elemijn

Release: 15-08-2016
Artwork: Gino Gagliardi