MRKD004 Sensive - Vacuum:void EP (Ft. Ayarcana & Keepsakes)

Sensive – Vacuum:void EP (Ft. Ayarcana & Keepsakes)

Sensive sheds light on 3 new pieces and brings 2 new artists to the family who go by the name of Ayarcana and Keepsakes. Märked welcomes you to Vacuum:void.

Soothing and unpredictable as Rogues Shine commences and works towards a balance between the unknowable straight into the drowning pool of self-complacency. Up-front aggressive kicks and subtle percussion work their way through moments of haunted melancholy and bits of dry pounding action. We continue with EP titletrack Vacuum:void – a journey to total peace and emptiness. Featherweight soulful pad action backboned by rhythmic drums. The breakdown shows a strong contrast to when the actual kick drops and continues its journey to an elevated state of majesticness. Third on track is a techno work-out at high pace. Synthetic Jazz Exercise is an odyssey to structured confusion through arpeggiated and syncopated distorted synth storms. Then Ayarcana keeps the braintrain at full speed in his take on S.J.E. delivering an onslaught of fast-paced distortion injections. It seems the apocalypse has initiated when a metal factory turns into a panic room full of macabre bass action. Last but not least is Keepsakes’ remix where he strips down the original to an effective warehouse weapon. His signature kicks are locked on a clever groove where the elements sound like heavily processed and overdriven vocals.

1. Rogues Shine
2. Vacuum:void
3. Synthetic Jazz Exercise
4. Synthetic Jazz Exercise (Ayarcana Remix)
5. Synthetic Jazz Exercise (Keepsakes Remix)

Release: 02-05-2017
Artwork: Gino Gagliardi
Mastering: Black Monolith Studio