Sensive – Suprok EP Remixes (14anger, Dep Affect, Kris Goad, Danilo Incorvaia)

14anger opens with a full-on rave cut where kicks smash through an intriguing all-absorbing synth storm backed up by hasty and fierce percussion. Second on track is Dep Affect’s take on Suprok where he manages to retain plenty of the original mixture. Crunchy high-end elements and fast synth stabs alternate each other in an hypnotic blend. Third version of Suprok by Kris Goad is characterized by a metal scrape on overdrive. The simplicity within the context makes for an effective 5AM-surprise. The closing by Danilo Incorvaia; steamroll acid-toned exercise in for the kill, no compromises.

A1. Sensive – Suprok (14anger Remix)
A2. Sensive – Suprok (Dep Affect Remix)
B1. Sensive – Suprok (Kris Goad Remix)
B2. Sensive – Grauwe Aura (Danilo Incorvaia Remix)

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