Artwork SDB - Restrepo EP (Ft. Repro & AERT)

SDB – Restrepo EP (Ft. Repro & AERT)

No stranger to the label is SDB, who previously featured on our 10th release and as well played at our label night in Amsterdam in 2018. Residing in the vibrant Saarbrücken in southwest Germany – the city where he wrapped up a package of 3 works. Each track for a different moment in time somewhere in between sound systems and concrete walls. To spice things up we have Repro and AERT – coming from respectively Copenhagen and Rotterdam – bring remixes to the table. All pushing a sound that works really well in the club without compromise.

1. SDB – Combat
2. SDB – Combat (AERT Remix)
3. SDB – Restrepo
4. SDB – Restrepo (Repro’s Full Throttle Mix)
5. SDB – Symphony

A feeling of exploring unknown territory strikes down in Combat. The ominous pad breathes caution and really draws a melancholic character. From the beginning the track is searching for the right moment to punch the listener with it’s full power, the moment after the small break that is.

Kick-the-nuts AERT gives Combat a small injection of EBM with a snare on the 2 and 4. A big and masculine stereo synth hoovers over the track while cleverly being driven forward by a fast and mean low pitched synthesizer groove.

Restrepo is characterized by hypnotic piano play going back and forth through the height of the notes. Playing with tension and release with a lot of energy build on a steady base of groove as the filter on the synth gradually opens up as the track progresses.

Repro gives Restrepo a Copenhagen touch with more speed and grit. An extra layer of fast noisy texture is added for more hysteria, living up to the Full Throttle title.

Probably one of the biggest kicks hitting our catalog, SDB’s Symphony closes the EP in full effect. A big majestic trance-influenced break grabs you by the throat after which you are slowly lead into a deep dive of power techno at it’s finest; moving, forceful, energetic.

Artwork: Lea Filipo
Mastering: JoeFarr
Format: digital
Release: 13-02-2019