Poison Cult – For Her EP

01. Poison Cult – Gaijin
02. Poison Cult – Bond Of Mutual Suffering
03. Poison Cult – Bond Of Mutual Suffering (Yūgen-b Remix)
04. Poison Cult – Gaijin (Mark Walker (UK) Remix)
05. Poison Cult – Gaijin (Ayako Mori Remix)

Bringing Poison Cult to the label with 2 originals and 3 remixes. Yūgen-b, Mark Walker (UK), and Ayako Mori each bring their unique and refreshing takes. The music ranges from techno with big and building breaks to psy and rave influences to organic drums techno.

For Her EP can be summarized as punching and vibrant techno with a dash of acid. The delicate balance between grit and emotion gives the tracks their soul.

Let’s explore the originals, starting with ‘Gajin.’ This track opens the door to a wave of nostalgia, resonating through its strong melody and driven forward by lively acid hits. Moving on to ‘Bond Of Mutual Suffering,’ the second original piece maintains that nostalgic touch. The sound navigates highs and lows, guided by a subtle yet impactful bass line in the background.

On to the remixes of Yūgen-b and Mark Walker (UK) where hints of multiple genres seem to find their way to seamlessly come together in 2 fast techno tracks with churning bass lines. Closing with Ayako Mori’s ‘Gajin’ remix – think rhythmic drums and percussion, carefully blending with the original elements.