MRKD010 - Pier - Divided Attention EP (Ft. JoeFarr, Corroid & SDB)

Pier – Divided Attention EP (Ft. JoeFarr, Corroid & SDB)

Märked 3 years of existence is celebrated in a former center for dentistry in Amsterdam’s Radion on November 24th (event). The club venue will see the likes of Tim Tama and Falhaber as Countershades for the first time in Holland, along with Binny, SDB, Rosh, Sensive and Torgue – who will play his new live show. Furthermore Märked’s tenth release is marked by a gathering of contemporary techno talents: a 6-track EP signed by Pier starring JoeFarr, Corroid and SDB.

Pier blasts a fresh wind in the saturated French scene and is joined by veteran JoeFarr and artists of the moment Corroid and SDB. Divided Attention could be an ode to realization that life happens when one is busy making other plans. To be able to be more efficient in our day-to-day lives, divided attention allows us to process and carry out multiple tasks at a time. In music however, different sounds – which can be seen as stimuli – are often organized in a rhythm and are subconsciously heard as one piece, the composition.

Kicking things off with Genesis Reading by evoking all kinds of dreamy imagery only to be fully straightened by a hard kick and punishing percussion. The harmony of sounds – of which the sneaky eagle-like sounding stab – makes you reminisce about dusty older times with hints to eurodance.

SDB brings to the table an engine driving on short synth notes, arpeggiated and amp’ed. Also here the track benefits from the vocals delivered by Pier: they add a sense of nostalgia. Moreover SDB’s signature touch is greatly heard in the continuation of the track, pushing the track forward with effectively tuned overdriven synth hits.

What directly catches attention of title track Divided Attention is the alarm synth hook that you can hear throughout the track. It’s one of those kicks and groove combinations that make you want to destroy something, but the feather light pad action makes you recall that.

JoeFarr throws things over a different angle with less haste, but more funk is brought to the remix palate. Lead forward by a masculine sound of accelerator-pressing of motor engines together with putting more heat on the stove by introducing metal pipes being incised.

Innocent but also cautionary of what’s to come in Reign Over Fury. The atmosphere breathes as if you are in the waiting room of a medieval console game, when suddenly intergalactic sounds take over the groove to turn it into a full-blown 5 AM weapon – only to be used with caution.

Also new to the label is Corroid, who’s recently caught attention of many by his vinyl release on User Experience and several Grounded singles. Percussive and synthesizer-groove based techno where the initial atmosphere is slightly altered in an obscure way and impregnated with a Corroid sauce.

1. Genesis Reading
2. Genesis Reading (SDB Remix)
3. Divided Attention
4. Divided Attention (JoeFarr Remix)
5. Reign Over Fury
6. Reign Over Fury (Corroid’s Widerstand)

Artwork: Anton Abrahamsson
Mastering: JoeFarr
Format: CD + digital
Release: 05-12-2018