NHM - Aggressive Raver EP Artwork

NHM – Aggressive Raver EP (Ft. Charlie Sparks & Amstra)

  1. NHM – Seismic Seduction
  2. NHM – Floor Sanding
  3. NHM – Rough Concrete
  4. NHM – Aggressive Raver
  5. NHM – Rough Concrete (Charlie Sparks Remix)
  6. NHM – Aggressive Raver (Amstra Acid Mix)

NHM’s debut EP on Märked is firm, strong two-step ‘n punch techno backed by emerging artists Charlie Sparks and Amstra.

Growling through concrete, marching forward. Seismic Seduction is tunnel-vision, and at the same time, the extraterrestrial keeps you entertained outside the scope of kicks and rolling bass.

Wobbly basses in Floor Sanding switch lanes with smooth and fast percussion. Even though the track has an accelerated pace and is very direct on the grit, the vibe stays sensual and hypnotic.

Rough Concrete writes as it sounds. Double kick salvos coming directly for your spine, medieval screeches pushed by eerie bass synths.

Aggressive Raver is the operator track of them all, gritty stabs and a contagious drive hitting you in your dance muscles. You don’t sit still, but instead you two-step and pump.

Rough Concrete gets a strip-down by Charlie Sparks, focusing on a filthy kick rhythm and the ghostly hypnotic voice.

Amstra tops the EP with the cherry, with an astonishing heavyweight remix that was picked up early by 999999999. With another big kick and infectious acidic synth swing, the track is bound to destroy any warehouse or hideout with its progressing and driving energy.