Lukas Meunier Verlangen EP Artwork

Lukas Meunier – Verlangen EP (Ft. B2 & DLV)

  1. Lukas Meunier – Verlangen
  2. Lukas Meunier – Verlangen (B2 Remix)
  3. Lukas Meunier – Sehnsucht
  4. Lukas Meunier – Sehnsucht (DLV Remix)

Now more relevant than ever, Verlangen touches a sensitive sentiment by resorting to pre-pandemic times. None of these are subtle anthems, but four sincere and powerful approaches to reminiscing to when everything was ‘normal’.

In title track Verlangen big warehouse kicks are alternated with forward-driving percussion. The intro is long before a saw synth comes in with a classic touch to it – all adding to the EP’s concept. The synths’ notes and rhythm are catchy and predict triumph on dance floors.

B2 takes on a more dark approach, with more body and distortion to the voice from the original as one of the main drivers – the track and rhythm is also faster.

A churning continuous bassline synth carries the track forward, introducing an alarm-like stab filling the stereo field in the second break onwards. The concept Verlangen truly hits home in the last bit on Sehnsucht – showcasing red-blooded synth play along with the cold kicks.

DLV’s version of Sehnsucht brings more groove to the table, making way for packed dance floors among the rest of the EP’s line-up. A proper way to close the EP and end a night.