Lee Ann Roberts Guilty Please EP artwork

Lee Ann Roberts – Guilty Pleasure EP (Ft. Brecc, Kaltblume, T Y)

1. Acid Reflux
2. Guilty Pleasure
3. Acid Reflux (Brecc Remix)
4. Acid Reflux (Kaltblume Remix)
5. Guilty Pleasure (T Y Remix)

South African-born, energies blended in from multiple continents, ranging from Africa and USA to Amsterdam where she currently lives. It’s safe to say she brings home some widespread vibrations, and to the label.

Lee Ann Roberts joins the Märked family with an excellent 5-tracker EP where acidic sounds are mixed with old-school influences in the originals, to the typical bold warehouse style of the remixes.

The acidic sound in Acid Reflux makes it easy to get lost in tunnel vision, crackling and straightforwardness until the end. Guilty Pleasure tickles the nostalgic muscles back and forth with bright and contagious synth-play, building up to an anthemic climax.

Expanding on the original mix, Brecc keeps the simplicity of the acid notes. The Brecc sauce is gradually applied yet heard from the first kick, with steel clashes and screeches building up to after the break.

Additionally, Kaltblume surprises with an energetic and mysterious stereo-piercing techno blaster. Rounding off at a higher pace with the T Y remix of Acid Reflux, where the build-up part of the lead synth is translated into a bright and fast piece of rhythm, closing bridges between 2022 techno and early hardstyle of 20 years ago.