KaioBarssalos Saturnian System Art

KaioBarssalos – Saturnian System EP (Ft. Wesley Martins & Makornik)

  1. KaioBarssalos – The Castle
  2. KaioBarssalos – Saturnian System
  3. KaioBarssalos – Falling Elithics
  4. KaioBarssalos & Wesley Martins – Spreadless
  5. KaioBarssalos – Falling Elithics (Makornik Remix)

Functional and stable four-to-the-floor, with touches of iconic melodies and catchy rhythms. It’s a first timer for a Brazilian artist to feature on the label, but certainly a memorable one. KaioBarssalos hits the spot just right between driving techno with proper uumpf and snappy hypnotic synth riffs.

‘The Castle’ is a track with cleverly programmed delay on the lead. The melody is nostalgic and melancholic at the same time, making the track particularly suitable for home-listeners too.

Saturnian System has the acid and high pace in it’s groove. The short stabs and acid holds the drive, lead by tensive pad harmonies.

We get why Amelie Lens recently supported one of his releases, because for dance floors they seem very effective. Nothing is different in Falling Elithics, faster rhythm, higher notes.

Spreadless with Wesley Martins packs the dirty acid sounds with a dry pounding kick and Makornik reimagines Falling Elithics in a more repetitive way, an effective synth groove working its way up to a full-blown warehouse tool.