Artwork for Jehra Temasa Gec EP

Jehra – Temasa Geç EP (Ft. Sekulahr, EXIX, Daktik, Belin)

1. Emperyel Köpekler (Ft. Daktik)
2. Temasa Geç
3. Ates
4. Cahil
5. Ates (Sekulahr Remix)
6. Temasa Geç (EXIX Remix)
7. Temasa Geç (Deconstructed Mix Ft. Belin)

What’s a lockdown good for? If any, it allows for time to be invested into making music. For Jehra, his Temasa Geç EP was the result: an outburst, a release of compressed emotions from the last two years that had the whole globe in captivation.

Meet Jehra, one of Istanbul’s techno pioneers co-running RE:VOLT Kollektiv’s techno night and community inviting some of techno’s most interesting names. For his EP, producer friends close to him were invited to help on a track or remix: Sekulahr, EXIX, Daktik, and Belin.

Starting with Emperyel Köpekler made with Daktik, is setting the tone for the EP just right. A big moving bass line is tickled by percussion, progressing into a more filter-open synth churning forward.

Of big kicks no absence. Temasa Geç is the track to get you in the zone with a dirty and contagious pumping acid trick. 3rd from the pack is Ates, turning warehouses inside out like a freight train dancing on its rails. Cahil hits the right string just as good but goes deeper in the atmosphere with an acid touch.

Sekulahr’s remix showcases more refined action of Ates but introduces a cleverly programmed breakbeat with a tight groove. EXIX’s take on Temasa Geç is pure brutal melancholy with apocalypse loop hole vibes. Finishing off with Jehra remixing his own track together with Belin in his Deconstructed Mix of Temasa Geç; a breakbeat teardown of the original tucking you in with a blanket of serenity after having heard all of previous hammers.