Artwork Ika Sile The Fury EP

Ika Sile – The Fury EP

01. Ika Sile – You And Everyone
02. Ika Sile – Smack Down Fury
03. Ika Sile – Can’t You See
04. Ika Sile – We Just Came 2 Party

Kicking ‘The Fury’ EP off with a sinister and melancholic masterpiece. In ‘You And Everyone’, dancing bodies melt together in dreams of acid in the luminescent evening sun.

Squelching sounds echo in ‘Smack Down Fury’, enveloped in a swirling vortex of stereo-rotating acid. This track is pulling like a magnet, propelling you forward into orbit from beginning to end.

The arpeggios dance and intertwine in ‘Can’t You See’, unearthing buried sentiments of love and desire. The vocal adds emotional connection, while the firm kicks and percussion keep both your feet on the ground.

Lastly, ‘We Just Came 2 Party’ brings more grit to the scene. The raw energy in this closing track quickly fills the atmosphere, merging together the acid elements with relentless double kick salvos.