GFX & R3-V3 artwork

GFX & R3-V3 – Naughty Groove EP (Ft. Not A Headliner & Specific Objects)

01. GFX & R3-V3 – Naughty Groove
02. GFX & R3-V3 – Wanna Be
03. GFX & R3-V3 – Sour Candy
04. GFX & R3-V3 – Wanna Be (Not A Headliner Remix)
05. GFX & R3-V3 – Sour Candy (Specific Objects Remix)

Originals mastered by R3-V3
Remixes mastered by Joe Farr

GFX and R3-V3 join forces to unleash their latest sonic expedition, the anticipated Naughty Groove EP. Packed with three original tracks and two energizing remixes, this collaborative effort showcases the duo’s flair for crafting infectious grooves.

Opening the EP is the  track, “Naughty Groove.” From the outset, the production oozes with a joyful spirit, as happy notes dance atop a steady bassline. The playful and infectious vibes make it an ideal weapon for those daytime sets or sparkling late-night escapades.

Moving swiftly, “Wanna Be” gets the attention with its contagiously addictive female vocal hook. The track builds tension through an intense buildup, guiding the listener towards a timeless drop.

“Sour Candy” takes a sharp turn, presenting a wobbly and bouncy soundscape. With a relentless thumping kick at its core, the track sets off on a more aggressive path. Its jagged edges and pulsating energy make it a prime selection for those seeking a darker and more visceral experience on the dancefloor.

Not A Headliner’s reinterpretation of “Wanna Be” breathes new life into the track, transporting its essence into a lower BPM realm. The deep, filtered punching kick and a squeaky rhythm that slices through the mix, adds an unexpected weapon to your arsenal for a surprise in the early hour of sets.

Finally, Specific Objects puts his spin on “Sour Candy,” transforming it into a blistering and relentless piece. With delicate touches of filter delay effects embedded within the main rhythm, the remix adds an extra layer of intrigue and depth.