Exilles – Forgotten Overlook EP (Ft. Aahan)

It is during these times that music can mean so much. Exilles from Italy makes nowadays’ techno very interesting by always pushing an unheard sound, as their own. Take Ansome and you have a producer that has really dug deep into finding his own very specific sound – and perfected it too. Exilles do that, but they bring so much variety to the table.


  1. Exilles – The Forgotten Overlook
  2. Exilles – Primal Instinct
  3. Exilles – Primal Instinct (Aahan Remix)
  4. Exilles – Placid

Their music can vary from dreamy, hypnotic to straightforward aggression as heard in Modul B14 in Märked’s 16-track album. Take ‘The Forgotten Overlook’, a track that is somewhat dark, layered with hypnotic stereo voices. It builds up to a drop with an adventurous refreshing flute-sounding synth and polished chiseling percussion.

‘Primal Instinct’ is a track with more perceived speed and drive. Quick alternating synth hits are enriched with a progressing alarm – an alarm sound always wins on the dance floor.

Aahan’s premiere on Märked means trouble. Tribalesque approach and a classic Aahan kick underneath it. Mysterious and mudded-down voices of men in the darkness.

Close it with madness; Placid will mess with your upper chamber by playing with acid lines and funky rhythms.


22 April 2020

Audio Mastering

Joe Farr Mastering


Josh Faux

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