Dahlia - Shades Of Black EP

Dahlia – Shades Of Black EP (Ft. DJ Varsovie)

Shades Of Black EP is a transcription of our soul’s darkness in a different manifestation. Seen as some kind of lucid dream in which there is no way out and where you must face your scariest unconscious facets. Here the key words of self-comprehension are only chaos and despair. Introspection, self-reassessment and courage to face yourself represent what this four-part journey is about. Don’t be afraid to meet yourself and jump into your shades of black.

1. Dahlia – Enma
2. Dahlia – Shinigami
3. Dahlia – Nibbãna
4. Dahlia – Nibbãna (DJ Varsovie ‘Xenia Onatopp’ Remix)

Parisian Dahlia is breaking through the early morning mist of France with his debut-ep on Märked. Spewing 4 powerful tracks influenced by EBM and a taste of new age industrial techno. The EBM cult of muscularity is heard through strokes of a whip on the 2 and 4, a characteristic arpeggiated synth and an obscure female vocal in ‘Enma’. These ingredients talk strength and punishment on the dance floor.

‘Shinigami’ – although having a similar programmed EBM snare – here benefits from more uplifting notes. Shinigami literally translates as God Of Death, of which the perception of the contrasting hard kicks and percussion to the leaning towards peacefully designed pad sound would come across as a calm a funeral for your own peace of mind.

Apart from the tracks all being peak-time bangers, Nibbãna has a more nuanced approach. After starting off with relentless power this piece develops into a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The soothing and majestic notes of the synthesizer create a timeless space in which thoughtful is mixed with aggression.

The mysterious DJ Varsovie appears as a remixer with a massive industrial breakbeat sledgehammer. Reverberated warehouse sounds are alternated with multiple salvo’s of kickdrum gunfire. The introduction of the vocal after the break cuts your favorite dance floor in half. Use this weapon with caution – only for the trained ear.

Artwork: Dahlia & Robin Beekman
Mixdown DJ Varsovie remix: Nicolas Jean Jean
Mastering: Joe Farr
Format: digital
Release: 25-04-2019