BRÄLLE – Hands Of The Master EP (Ft. ArchivOne & T Y)

BRÄLLE’s debut on the label with Hands Of The Master EP, starring no stranger to the label ArchivOne and surprisingly rough talent T Y.

1. BRÄLLE – Hands Of The Master
2. BRÄLLE – Spačva Forever
3. BRÄLLE – Blaspheme
4. BRÄLLE – Spačva Forever (ArchivOne Remix)
5. BRÄLLE – Blaspheme (T Y Remix)

Hands Of The Master EP is a combination of cosmic club diving to acid-esque trippin and full-blown warehouse pounding.

What’s interesting in the title track is the swords percussion, hinting to a medieval trip lead by an atmosphere breathing chivalrous adventures.

Spačva Forever sits on a more ominous vibe, pushing an hypnotic 3-note synth forward to its absolute limits. At the same time melancholic and uplifting – though mesmerizingly deep – in Blaspheme backed by deep kicks definitely make for another club-ready produce.

ArchivOne kept his interpretation of Spačva Forever as pure and minimalist as we like to hear from him – mind boggling hypnotizing and heaps of percussion-driven drive.

T Y is our secret little surprise of the EP where he adds an absolute speaker destroyers for whatever dance floor it’s played on.


19 August 2020

Audio Mastering

JoeFarr Mastering


Alex Hofmann

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