MRKD005 Ben Techy - Onslaught Bloodshed EP (Ft. Dep Affect & Dentis)

Ben Techy – Onslaught Bloodshed EP (Ft. Dep Affect & Dentis)

Next project landing on Märked is Ben Techy soundtracking the onslaught of bloodshed. His take on aggressor techno in his latest EP covers angry dance floor material at its finest. Overdriven basses, persistent percussion rhythms and a voice-like detail set on the groove makes opening track Skull Damage a walk in the park haunted experience. Title track Onslaught Bloodshed further builds upon the pressure in a serious bass-driven assault and unexpectedly develops into more a sinister outspoken environment. After that Psychotic Motion’s unreserved kick and percussion clash through moments of uplifting synth action into the depths of what could be called an anti-climax in the second part. Then Dep Affect’s take on Ben’s last track where he explores a breakbeat composition driven by angst that gently raises your heart rate. On the other hand Dentis’ remix will leave Dutchies surprised with a vocal that will cause serious confusion on the dance floor – accompanied by rude kicks and earsplitting percussion rattles this track is a match for peak-time selectors.

1. Skull Damage
2. Onslaught Bloodshed
3. Psychotic Motion
4. Psychotic Motion (Dep Affect Remix)
5. Psychotic Motion (Dentis Remix)

Release: 01-06-2017
Artwork: Josh Faux
Mastering: Black Monolith Studio