Anoy – Behind Enemy Lines EP

01. Anoy – Rogue Element
02. Anoy – Behind Enemy Lines
03. Anoy – Obsidian
04. Anoy – Bura

Step into the sonic battlefield as Anoy unleashes a relentless barrage of auditory artillery in this 4-track EP. Venture through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with each step punctuated by the pounding through the rugged terrain of techno. 

In Rogue Element, the track’s atmosphere is as cold and unrelenting as steel, wrapping you in an icy acid cloak to set the stage for an impending sense of darkness. 

The title track Behind Enemy Lines rides you into uncharted territory, much like galloping a war horse through a battlefield. The track surges forward like a charging cavalry while a persistent vocal drills you into the beat. 

In Obsidian acid is dripping and pouring through the body of the track. The emphasis on the 1 and 2 step of the beat creates a contagious groove to maintain the moving urgency. 

Closing off with Bura, a raw and churning mass driving you to your limits. With each swell and drop of the bold synth delivering a sweep off for your feet.