Artwork Amazingblaze - Stargaze EP

Amazingblaze – Stargaze EP (Ft. Geerson & Tham)

01. A1 Amazingblaze – Treasures
02. A2 Amazingblaze – Quantumness
03. B1 Amazingblaze – Quantumness (Geerson Remix)
04. B2 Amazingblaze – Pittsburgh (Tham ‘Club Kid’ Remix)
05. Amazingblaze – Pittsburg (digital only)
06. Amazingblaze – New Dimension (digital only)

After an incredible journey spanning 8 years and 40 releases, Märked is proud to unveil a monumental milestone – our first EP released on the timeless medium of vinyl. There is no better way to do this than with upcoming superstar Amazingblaze. His Stargaze EP is a journey of pure power and brightness—a dopamine rush—waiting to find its place of honor within your cherished wooden vinyl cabinet.

Starting with Treasures, this is one of those musical gems that keeps on overflowing with life with an almost mystical quality. A sound and melody that have emotions run deep, while the heart of the track keeps your pulse racing at its beats per minute.

The answer to a surefire way to light up the dancefloor is Quantumness. The lead synth and perc rhythm make a deadly and irresistible groove. Its notes soar and dive, creating a rhythmic anchor that holds everything together.

Geerson’s remix of Quantumness keeps most of the original’s iconic lead synth intact. In this version, the kicks fire in rhythmic drum salvos. The sonic landscape traverses peaks and valleys, sending you to both extremes in orbit.

Powerhouse Tham brings in the Club Kid remix of Pittsburgh by sending new life into one of the layers of the lead synth. Tham’s signature sound is applied to turn it into a full-fledged hammer track: the sound is ruthless, the groove contagious.

The vinyl record wasn’t able to carry all of the signed tracks, so here we round up with two digital-only original mixes. Starting with Pittsburgh, the sound is large and evokes emotion with big synths going up and down from the soaring highs of optimism to the profound depths of reflection.

New Dimension seamlessly fuses two contrasting elements: a robust drive and an enigmatic vibe. A big bag of drive propels the energy forward in the groove while the synth adds an air of mystique living up to adding that ‘New Dimension’.