Artwork for AERT's Death Field EP

AERT – Death Field EP (Ft. Ike Dusk & Chêne)

Artwork for AERT's Death Field EP


  1. AERT – Obliterated Homicide
  2. AERT – Deal With Your Problems
  3. AERT – Let The Body’s Hit The Floor
  4. AERT – Obliterated Homicide (Ike Dusk Remix)
  5. AERT – Obliterated Homicide (Chêne Remix)

Hard as nails techno coming from Rotterdam, a city that houses no surprises in that particular corner of tough electronic. Death Field EP is a cold one, and distortion the rule rather than the exception. After previously having made a remix for SDB, AERT returns to Märked with a swing around your ears and a kick in the nuts.

Start the EP with clattering breakbeat pounding, shrill horns and chunks of laser drops in Obliterated Homicide. A sense of industrial machines at work is present in each of AERT’s tracks.

Deal With Your Problems keeps the industrial character, but here four to the floor is introduced, rushing with charged low-mid bass notes playing in between the hits of the kick. The metal and tough snares add to the eerie atmosphere to make it sound like a sonic punishment.

Let The Body’s Hit The floor could be played as slowed-down hardcore, but with more control and space. Threatening synths from the start and flaming percussion  is then later introduced.

Ready to burn stuff with Ike Dusk on the remix game. Underneath the kick there’s a nasty bass line clearly present, buried in heaps of sharpened percussion. Never a dull moment when Ike brings the shovels and spades.

Catching breath with Chêne’s remix of Obliterated Homicide as a perfect cool-down to the EP. Whereas the original version doesn’t necessarily have any melodic content but just straight on stabs and bleeps, Chêne introduces a catchy hypnotic, trance-inducing melody.

  • Digital format
  • Released on July 16th 2019
  • Artwork by Robin Beekman