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Märked Series 024 ANTN

Märked Podcast Series 024 ANTN

Märked Series 024 ANTN

In recent times Copenhagen has seen a rise in popularity mostly known for a techno sound that is fast and higher in BPM. Also trance sees a revival on labels like Euromantic and Kulør. ANTN – who is also from Copenhagen – seems to have a more cold and abrasive approach. In his day job as a sound designer and composer for film he tends to record in the field a lot and use it – or as an inspiration – for his own projects as a musician.

With releases on mentionable labels like: TRTLNCK and Counterweight, ANTN has already proven his functional sound on dancefloors across Europe. Using hardware exclusiveley in both production and live performances, ANTN strives to deliver a heavy hitting live act, inspired by his dark and cold Northern European surroundings.