Märked Podcast Series 022 Incident Prism

Märked Series 022 Incident Prism

Incident Prism has built a respectable amount of followers already with only having had an official split-EP release together with Tim Tama on Obscuur Records. Apart from that he is mainly known for his self-released tracks on Soundcloud – of which most of them do really well. A remix for a previous release of ours by Torgue was played by Remco Beekwilder during one of the highlight nights of 2018’s ADE by Intercell in the infamous H7 warehouse.

Unlike a lot of French artists who chase a similar style and trend, Parisian Incident Prism seems to go for a more authentic sound. The red thread that runs through his tracks would be storytelling built with a lot of rhythmical components. By applying just the right amount of drive to give harmonics their warmth is what makes his sound design appealing to us, refined with a hard edge. In this podcast you can hear none other than fast-paced groovy techno for 57 minutes long.