Märked Podcast Series 019 Hypnoskull

Märked Series 019 Hypnoskull

A selection with a target: stimulate the listener to look around, and not just stick to the things you know and love.

Hypnoskull is the project created in 1992 by Patrick Stevens (Bel/Ger) and is rooted partly in the industrial/noise and the rhythmic/techno corner. His current livesets in the clubs of Berlin, Paris, Beirut, to name a few of the cities he played this year, are full force rhythmic assaults, abrasive, rough and elemental. In 2017 he created the anti/techno concept, partly a label and platform to oppose against the corporate takeover of once underground music styles such as techno – where values like diversity, open mindedness, freedom (artistic and on personal levels) were the keys to in the first place get a music style like this started from nothing. Because of this, even deeper in the underground, the ‘golden coin’ of f.e. industrial techno is tossed around for a couple of years now, and gets the same treatment in more popular-oriented clubs, resulting also in a rise of new young producers who go full force into this ‘bastard-style’.  Some of the new producers are simply great, some don’t get the point.

‘Industrial’ does not mean solely ‘put a distortion on your drummachine’. Patrick Stevens was one of those first producers who started to incorporate noise and an anarchist industrial approach into dance music. From 1994 up to 1997 he was producing techno and played on various raves as well as in the deep underground of the noise/industrial scene. Releasing on the infamous German label ant-zen, being part of the legendary Maschinenfest (from the start in 1999 up to 2018) in Germany, being coined as one of those people who started the whole rhythmic noise genre in the mid to late nineties, he brings a podcast for us which is not just a relentless 4/4 assault, but a mixture between atmospheres, from harsh to almost silent, but dark – presenting a selection which shows his personal history ever since 1992 up to now – a selection with a target: stimulate the listener to look around, and not just stick to the things you know and love.

The new full album by hypnoskull –‘the manichaean consciousness’ will be released in november 2018, on German ant-zen records. Furthermore there will be collaboration e.p.’s with 14anger and one with D.Carbone, as well as several remixes on various labels. Pictures used were made exclusively for the album by Ira A. Goryainova.