Märked Series 017 Shadowcomplex

Swords, organs and choirs for maximum impact on the dancefloor

Cinematic and heavy-mooded soundscapes backboned by thumping kicks and rattling percussion. Also typical elements in the role-playing world like swords, organs and choirs are heard in the productions of Shadowcomplex. Similar sounds appear in the soundbank of Aufnahme + Wiedergabe artists, what resulted in having Shadowcomplex’s track ‘00007’ played by Ancient Methods at Amsterdam Dance Event 2017.

Shadowcomplex grew up playing drums with punk and metal influences of that time. By gradually having made the transition to electronic music he found himself exploring his own true sound over techno, industrial and experimental music. Through his releases on Variant Electronic and RND. records he showed a lot of versatility, but all comes together in his towards EBM leaning excursions.

In this mix mainly contemporary techno is used, of which many tracks from the label that fits his style well; A+W. One last thing to mention is that the last track is due to be released on one of Shadowcomplex’s own future projects together with a friend.