Märked Podcast Series 016 Rezystor

Märked Series 016 Rezystor

Dashes of groove and funk, with a smile to ‘Birmingham’ style and older techno.

Being one of the guys that brought the reputable label Toxic Waste Buried (and himself) a head start with one of his first official releases in November 2015, Rezystor could be described as a producer who has been putting out quality before the two-year span where many new faces have entered this niche of techno and tried to shape it.

Roland is based in Cologne and his style reaches wide across the spectrum, touching trippy and minimalist hypnotic techno and punishing 5-am material. In mid 2016 Roland featured on T/W/B again,  remixing MOTH for their highly anticipated debut EP. There he shows how well he executes making a complex and surprisingly organic-sounding groove.

Almost a year later in 2017 his first vinyl drops on T/W/B, genuinely showcasing the aforementioned broad production style with remixes by heavy hitters Binny and RENDERED. Hear how his vision on techno has established in 2018.