Märked Podcast Series 015 Ike Dusk

Märked Series 015 Ike Dusk

Ike Dusk: over 15 years of experience put in 78 minutes of adamant techno.

In comparison to other countries in Europe, Germany seems to shelter a lot of artists who have matured in the techno scene. As well as Ike Dusk who has been around for over 15 years, playing at regional parties that earned him recognition and respect in the local scene. Only just steady producing since 2013 from which his first official EP appearance landed on Utrecht’s Obscuur Records in 2016. There he first showed how his production technique and diversity goes hand in hand with his continuous creativity.

When one gets recognition for razor sharp productions JoeFarr might come to mind. That’s when Ike Dusk joined forces with Joe in 2018, after having won a remix competition for his track ‘Don’t Be Afraid’. Only short after, ‘Interference’ was brought to daylight on Joefarr’s label User Experience with great support by respected artists like Surgeon, Tommy Four Seven, Paula Temple, Rebekah, Thomas P. Heckmann, Manni Dee and I Hate Models among many others.