Märked Podcast Series 014 Jacidorex

Märked Series 014 Jacidorex

Where all sorts of acid meets industrial techno to the point of new genre-defining heights.

Jacidorex from Brussels is a pioneer of Neoacid, which he describes as a mixture of all kinds of acid, industrial techno and even dark electro. In a small interview we speak to Simon about some hints of the past and the music he makes today.

Hey Jacidorex, tell us something about yourself. Where did you grow up and how/when did you get into making techno music?

I was born in Brussels and I grew up in Silly, a small town between Brussels and Lille. As long as I remember, I was always interested in music. I began to play the piano at the music school, then my soul mate Mehdi showed me fl studio, so I began to produce electro, dubstep and then drum&bass. In June 2013, after seeing Jeff Mills, Blawan and Len Faki at Dour Festival, I wanted to produce techno, but I wanted something a bit harder. A month after, I listen to Korps Mekanik Liveset of Mr. Gasmask for the first time. My unconditional love for acid & techno was born.

What does techno mean in the city you live in and how does that affect you? Would you like to see things differently? 

The techno scene in Brussels is not that developed. There is barely any big warehouse. But we ‘ll try to work on this for the next few month/years.

How does your sound come together and where/who do you get your influences from?

I’m really influenced by Mr. Gasmask, Gesaffelstein and Dax J. I think that my music is situated between acid, techno,  hard techno but also dark electro or jumpstyle. I try to make hypnotic banging hard music with a lot of acid influences.

When composing: do you start with kicks and percs, write a melody or build a synth first? Is there anything you like making in particular, or get most satisfaction from?

I don’t have any rule for producing; it really depends on my inspirations. Sometimes I have a melody or a structure in my mind and I begin to write in on my software. Sometimes I try to make a new kick but finally I change the bpm and I do something really different. What I really get satisfaction from is to reach the ambiance or the atmosphere I had in mind. Actually, it’s really difficult to make sound what you have in mind like it sound in your mind.

What is your opinion on hardware versus software? What does your studio look like?       

For me the best is to use it together and use the advantages of the two. Hardware has a unique sound and this analog  touch feeling. On the other hand, audio treatment like bass resampling of multiple automation are impossible with hardware, this is why it’s also really interesting to use software. It’s also essential to have a varied structure.

Your first more techno-based J. Rex alias release was on December 17th 2015, while Jacidorex was already around in late 2013. How would you say your sound and ideas have evolved since then?

I think my sound is more precise than before, and I’m better at doing progressive tracks. I also have a better sound design, but I still need to improve to make what I really have in mind.

What was your idea behind the recording of the podcast?

Showing the scene in which direction I’m going for the moment, because it’s been a while since I haven’t been releasing any podcast. I play a lot but I don’t release the quart of what I’m producing. I think I wasn’t ready. Now I’m about to be.