Märked Podcast Series 013 SDB

Märked Series 013 SDB

Rolling basses and highly effective German club techno by SDB

With only two single track releases on his name under record labels FBM Roster and Manifesto – plus a bunch of unreleased tracks on his Soundcloud – up-and-coming SDB has already had a sweet spot on Nur Jaber’s Boiler Room set. We asked him for some techno-related insights in a small interview and invited him to record a mix for our thirteenth podcast.

Hey SDB, tell us something about yourself. Where did you grow up and how/when did you get into making techno music?

I grew up in Saarbrücken, the capital of Saarland in Germany. I got into producing techno at the age of 18 after experiencing it in the clubs of my hometown.

What does techno mean in the city you live in and how does that affect you? Would you like to see things differently?

The techno scene is very alive in Saarbrücken with many different capable artists coming up. It’s a great breeding ground for young performers.

How does your sound come together and where do you get your influences from?

I listen to a ton of electronic music of basically all genres that influence my sound, mainly techno and wave.

When composing: do you start with kicks and percs, write a melody or build a synth first? Is there anything you like making in particular, or get most satisfaction from?

I always start by building a kickdrum and a complete drum pattern from there, then I go to the synths.

What is your opinion on hardware versus software? What does your studio look like?

The two different things enable two completely different workflows that I both enjoy. I like to get lost in building complex patches and huge fx chains in Ableton, as well as just jamming on machines like I do in the “Aviron” project with my buddy Nils Iven. For my SDB productions I use Ableton and Max For Live with my Push controller, nothing else.

What was your idea behind the recording of the podcast?

The idea was to create a coherent mix of mostly unreleased own productions to build a unique sounding podcast.