Märked Podcast 073 Lucas Martins

For over a year now Lucas Martins and Märked have been working together on premieres for his techno projects. Our partnership has not only amplified Lucas’s distinctive techno signature but also propelled the Pathless label into the spotlight on numerous occasions.

Lucas didn’t start out making techno music. He was dragged into music in 2009 and had periods of hip-hop before getting into electronic music. This mix of experiences undoubtedly adds layers and richness to his music.

In a recent 2023 interview, Lucas Martins shared his dream collaboration would be with none other than Hans Zimmer, a testament to his aspiration towards melding cinematic grandeur with the raw energy of techno. This admiration for Zimmer’s work is not merely aspirational but serves as a foundational influence, particularly evident in Lucas’s melody-driven approach to techno.