Märked Podcast 071 92Groovz

In this 71th episode we dive into the pulsating world of 92Groovz, a visionary artist whose journey from the scenic landscapes of Cyprus and Switzerland has led to the forefront of high-energy dance music.

92Groovz, originating from Cyprus and formerly Switzerland, represents the evolution into high-energy dance music, now channeling his unique style into electro, big beat, and techno. The project primarily features solo releases on the 92Groovz Recordings label, with an anticipated various artists compilation expected in 2024.

His DJ performances are known for a focus on the recent surge of rapid techno grooves, seamlessly integrating electro and big beat, along with distinctive tracks from his diverse music collection.


  1. Special Kind Of LoveOf Love – Nookie Featuring Larry Heard
  2. The Hound (A.Paul Remix) – Ben Sims
  3. Work Out – Vilchezz
  4. Groove Collision (Original Mix) – Hertz Collision
  5. Lockhart Road – 92Groovz
  6. Funk Shed (Original Mix) – Lars Huismann
  7. Unreleased – 92Groovz
  8. Soul Brother – 92Groovz
  9. Pump The Rhythm (Original Mix) – Vromo
  10. V94 Funk Supplier – Jon10
  11. Atypical (VILLA Remix) – Genex
  12. Yamaga 7 O’Clock (Original Mix) – Akira Ishihara
  13. Sounds From The Past II – Lars Huismann
  14. B2 (Original Mix) – Alec Dienaar & STIPP
  15. Get Down – Edvvin
  16. Chaka Chaka (VIL Remix) – William Arist
  17. Fever in the Stud – 92Groovz
  18. William Arist – Gultural (Kenji Hina House Remix) – William Arist, VIL, Alarico as Kenji Hina
  19. Sound Of The Police (1312) – Kettama
  20. KMA Love Groovz (Original Mix) – 92Groovz
  21. Out Of Touch – 92Groovz
  22. Fragrant Harbour – 92Groovz
  23. NO MEMORY (92Groovz For The Midnight Moodz Edit)- Marcism
  24. The Sound Of The Ghetto (All That Love Can Buy) – Gangsters Of Love
  25. Systematic Soul – 92Groovz
  26. Mezzophunk – New Phunk Theory