Märked Podcast 070 ASTWØ

Coming up for our 70th podcast installment is young Ljubljana-based producer & DJ duo ASTWØ.

Working together since 2017, their music ranges broadly from dreamy and fast in ‘To Disappear‘, to raw and uncut in ‘Bankai‘. The fusion of boldness with groove and funk is a rare find nowadays, but not in this instance.

With 16 out of 27 tracks made by themselves, this podcast is a treasure hunt. Enjoy the premieres, as their SoundCloud hosts fewer publicly available tracks making this a unique and exclusive experience.

Obscur – Cabin Fever
ETMOTH – Pad Thai
ASTWØ – Problem
Obscur – In Over Your Head
Variable -Trezor
ASTWØ – Internet Facial Analysis
Obscur – Boxed in
Variable – Snake Pit
Variable – Subject
ASTWØ – Stream Schedule Unavailable
ASTWØ – Not Now, Later Maybe
ASTWØ – Happy Little Accident
ASTWØ – Dragon Shield Matte
ASTWØ – A Gentle Reminder
ETMOTH – Need for Speed – Pro Street
ASTWØ – This is Why I Trust The Moon
ETMOTH – Banana
ASTWØ – Quick Guide To Slow Progress
ASTWØ – Hitra Pesem
ASTWØ – Unforeseen Circumstance
ASTWØ – Siri How To Krav Maga
ETMOTH – Multimeter
ASTWØ – Proton, Elektron, Feferon