Märked Podcast 069 Ethan Fawkes

Märked Podcast 069 Ethan Fawkes

Ethan Fawkes, a Belgian DJ and producer, is known for his performances in old-school rave techno and EBM. His unique sound has gained him global recognition, with a growing portfolio of EPs, LPs, and remixes on top labels. Inspired by 80s and 90s music, he transitioned from grunge to electronic genres and started DJing in 1995. His influences include The Horrorist, Al Ferox, and Nitzer Ebb. He co-founded “Nu Body Records” for EBM and “Ethan Fawkes No Label” for self-released music.

In this 69th podcast, Ethan Fawkes works his way up from tough breakbeat techno in the opening, to nostalgic house classics and his beloved signature sound EBM.


  1. Radio Slave – Stay Out All Night – Rekids
  2. Ethan Fawkes – Light From Utopia – Ethan Fawkes No Label
  3. Gink – 90s Love – Mena Music
  4. Mark Broom – No Crossfader Funk
  5. James Brown – Can’t Get Any Harder (Universal Hip Hop Mix) – Scotti Bros. Records
  6. Jean Bruce & Dauphin – Work that – Nocturbulous
  7. Ethan Fawkes – Belgium Is Back (Luke Riga Remix) – N9 Multimedia Lab.
  8. Obsidian Wave – Game Boy – Torre
  9. Ethan Fawkes – Raving Is Still Alive – Ethan Fawkes No Label – Herr Zimmerman
  10. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy – Wild Bunch Records
  11. Ethan Fawkes – Back To The Flow – Ethan Fawkes No Label
  12. Interactive – Dildo – ZYX Records
  13. Ethan Fawkes – Way Back – Tripalium Rave Series
  14. Quadrophonia – The Wave Of The Future – ARS
  15. Ethan Fawkes – Raving Is Still Alive (Luke Riga Remix) – Herr Zimmerman
  16. Dax J – Utopia – EarToGround Records
  17. Ethan Fawkes – Let’s Go James – Ethan Fawkes No Label – Herr Zimmerman