Märked Podcast 068 Cathédral

Märked Podcast 068 Cathédral

Meet Cathédral, a dynamic force in the London techno scene and a creative powerhouse. Originally from France, this prolific producer is making a lasting mark with an array of exciting projects. Back in 2018, Cathédral teamed up with Ømen to establish MASS, a London event that evolved into a label. At MASS, they championed energetic sounds and free-spirited raves, all while supporting the important cause of mental health through their partnership with the charity Mind.

In 2020, Cathédral launched LABURNŪM Records. This label serves as a nurturing space for up-and-coming artists, spotlighting rapid rhythms and offering them on exclusive dubplate formats. With a knack for all things creative, Cathédral’s influence extends beyond music production. He’s deeply involved in every aspect of his labels, meticulously crafting music videos and designing artworks. He collaborates with local artists and even lends his own hand to painting.

Having left his mark on labels like Expel Your Demons and Omen Recordings, Cathédral’s focus has shifted towards house-infused techno with a nostalgic touch from the 90s and 00s. He’s a forward-thinker, propelling the classic feel forward into the future with unparalleled speed.


  1. PROXYMA – Beale Street (FreeJazz Experimentation Mix)
  2. Flits – Cherry (TWR72 Remix)
  3. Towsky – Antudo
  4. Cathédral – I’ve Never Been To Berlin
  5. Ferdinger – Plein Soleil
  6. Marcism – You Can Almost End
  7. Rodman – Oma (Nico Remix)
  8. The Sixth Sense & Symbolism – 222
  9. DJ Dextro – Lenga Lenga
  10. Freeman 713 – Hive City
  11. KETEK – For The Funk
  12. Orti – Fuck u all (Hurtado Remix)
  13. H.MESS – ANOR
  14. Coast2c – Nyoro-Nyoro (Carly Barton Extended Dub)
  15. Local Suicide – Agape feat. Sissi Rada (Wiener Planquadrat Remix)
  16. Chris Flannigan – Bounce It
  17. AESZTETIK – Tool 01
  19. Marcism – SUN
  20. DJ Physical – Fuck Ya
  21. Disruption – Obsession (Cathédral Remix)
  22. Ferdinger – The Art Of Letting Go
  23. Flits & Beau Didier – Gender Blende
  24. Alec Dienaar – Alteration
  25. Chisari – El Baile
  26. Ferdinger – Real Power (ANNĒ Remix)
  27. Stefano Media – Random User
  28. Disruption – Groove Infinity
  29. Bw – Punza
  30. VILLA – Maryr
  31. Rodman – Marejada (Ranma Entero Remix)
  32. Om Unit – I’m The Queen (Bristol Edit)
  33. Lu Joyce – Electric Trees Meet Sun