Märked Podcast 056 LuizFribs

Märked Podcast 056 LuizFribs

Name somebody in the techno scene that uses a violin for his productions. Yea, say no more.

Luiz Fernando Ribeiro, known as LuizFribs, is a Brazilian techno artist who uses his violin in his energetic live performances. LuizFribs distorts and processes his violin to give it a more modern and brutal sound, and he improvises during live performances.

His music is heavily influenced by 80s synthpop, 90s trance, and modern techno and he is a regular feature in the Goiânia Techno scene and is constantly working on new tracks to evolve his sound.

In podcast 56 for Märked, LuizFribs dives head first into 90 minutes of relentless 4×4 pounding.